PaySafeCard Gambling Sites

Paysafecard is a prepaid payment solution on the World Wide Web that started and has its establishment in the country of Europe. It is the leader out of all of the other online payment solutions in that particular part of the world. Users are not required to present their financial information to gambling providers or other Web sites that accept the Paysafecard payment in order to pay for a product or service online. They are accepted in, at least, twenty-four countries all over the world. However, residents of the United States are unable to use this service for any online transactions, including for gambling deposits.

Best Gambling Sites Accepting Paysafecard

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Using Paysafecard To Make A Gambling Deposit

To use a Paysafecard for gambling deposits, online players can expect to go through a procedure as the one mentioned briefly below:

  • Go through the Paysafecard Web site to get a Paysafecard or through a local store.
  • Register with a gambling Web site.
  • Choose Paysafecard as the gambling deposit option.
  • Enter amount of funds to add
  • Use the 16-digi personal identification number (PIN) code assigned with your card/voucher given by Paysafecard in order to complete the gambling deposit.

After online players successfully go through those six steps above, then the funds will be available for their online gambling activities. The Paysafecard is available at 20,000 shops in the local areas of the United Kingdom and in more than 230,000 stores in over twenty European countries.

Where To Get Paysafecard Vouchers For Gambling

The prepaid card or vouchers offered by Paysafecard may be bought at over 100,000 different locations throughout Europe. It is by far one of the most popular gambling deposit methods that online players tend to use more than other options. To get the card you can visit their Web site to find a store in your area where to purchase one: Enter the Paysafecard domain into the address bar:

Looking at the screenshot below will show the next step, which is to select your country’s flag. Thereafter, you will be directed to a site translated into your local language.

Click on the ‘Find stocklist’ link to find the sales outlet nearest to you and go proceed to journey there to purchase the card; no debit or credit card is required. The vouchers or prepaid cards can be bought in values of 10, 25, 50, or 75 pounds.

Deposit At Paysafecard Accepted Gambling Sites

The three things below are necessary to do in order to add funds into a gambling site using a Paysafecard voucher as the gambling deposit method.

  • Go to a store to get the Paysafecard.
  • Go to a gambling provider of choice and register.
  • At the cashier, deposit or funding screen select Paysafecard as the form of gambling deposit you wish to make and enter the unique 16-digit PIN that came along with the card/voucher.

Benefits Of Using Paysafecard To Gamble Online

A couple of benefits of using Paysafecard vouchers or prepaid cards are that it is just like using cash. And secondly, online players do not need to use a debit card or credit card to get it or give any of their financial details to any site just to get it or engage in online gambling activities.

Paysafecard Gambling Fees

Paysafecard is free for the first twelve months starting from the date it was purchased. A two-pound administrative fee will be charged monthly thereafter. The amount will be deducted from the credit amount.